Go To the Movie Theater Without Leaving Home

Go To the Movie Theater Without Leaving Home

Our pros handle custom home theater installations in Texarkana, TX & Hope, AR

Do you wish you could enjoy a movie theater without everything that comes with it, like waiting in lines, buying expensive popcorn or sitting beside someone who won't put their phone down? You can. Clear Sound Audio Video provides custom home theater installation services in Texarkana, TX & Hope, AR.

With us, you can:

  • Check out two theaters in our store to try our products
  • Plan a custom theater with our home theater installer
  • Set up your home theater and enjoy movies at home like never before

Plus, if you ever need help with your home theater, you can count on our helpful customer service. Call 903-306-1771 right away to talk to a local home theater installer about your system.



Find out what we can install in your home theater

When you arrange for a custom home theater installation with us, you can choose all kinds of new equipment. You can buy a new TV, display screen, projector or laser projector from us. You can also pick out everything your theater needs to function, including acoustic dampening panels or foam. Contact us today for more information on our theater options.