Bring the Entertainment to Your Living Room in Texarkana, TX or Hope, AR

Creating the perfect entertainment system starts with purchasing the right equipment. At Clear Sound Audio Video, you'll find plenty of entertainment options - from gaming consoles to flat-screen TVs - to choose from. We have plenty of TV sales available to make creating your ideal entertainment system more affordable.

Have questions about a game console? Our sales team is happy to help you. Stop by our store in Texarkana, TX today.

Put together a custom entertainment system

Every individual and family has different entertainment needs. Whether you love streaming movies or your kids are really interested in video games, we want to make it easy for you to create a custom entertainment system that meets your needs.

You can purchase any of the following at our store in Texarkana, TX:

Gaming Systems
PS4s | PS5s | Xbox Ones | PCs

Streaming Equipment
Speakers | Headphones | Microphones

Television Systems
Flat-screen TVs | Internet connections | Cable systems

We use AT&T for all our internet services. You can choose between AT&T and DirectTV for your cable system.

For more information about our game console sales and TV sales, reach out to our team today.