Choose a Video Display Your Clients Can't Miss

Choose a Video Display Your Clients Can't Miss

We offer commercial video system installation services in Texarkana, TX & Hope, AR

You can't use just any screen to for your facility's video display. Come to Clear Sound Audio Video to get the right TV monitor or screen. We sell monitors and screens designed for commercial use in Texarkana, TX & Hope, AR.

Our equipment also:

  • Can be set up as part of our commercial video system installation
  • Is less prone to overheating than standard equipment
  • Lasts longer than typical TV monitors and screens

When we provide and install your equipment, you'll get a video display that will grab your clientele's attention for years to come. Call 903-306-1771 now to ask about our screens, monitors or commercial video system installation.



Get a receiver and audio equipment

You can get everything your TV needs to work from us. We provide commercial audio equipment, commercial audio-video installation services and DirecTV and AT&T boxes. We'll draw from years of experience to make sure your system is right for you.

Reach out to one of our video system installers today to set up a free consultation on your commercial audio-video installation.